M&A June 2019

In June 2019, 11 transactions were announced in Mexico, decreasing 27% from last month. In this period, total reported deal value was US$91 million. On the other hand, the volume and value of the announced transactions accumulated to June 2019 were 78 and US$5,003 million respectively, representing a decrease in volume of 35% and an increase in value of 0.9% comparedtothesameperiodlastyear.


Mexican companies completed 2 acquisitions outsideof Mexicowithno reported value. Juneyear to datevolume of announced transactions was 20 witha combined reportedvalueof US$1,555 million, representing a decrease in both volume and value of 13% and 51% respectively compared to the sameperiodlastyear.


The industrial and real estate sectors lead M&A activity in Mexico during 2019 with 14 announced transactions each, representing 18%each sector out of the total volume. Meanwhile, the consumer goods sectors leads total acquisitions of Mexican companies abroad with 5 announced transactions.