XXXIII International Mining Convention

Seale & Associates, an elite boutique investment bank headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, attended the International Mining Convention in Acapulco held in October 22-25. With the purpose of better advising clients within the industry and leveraging our track record, Seale professionals attended the trade show to stay updated in the newest trends on techniques, equipment and disruptive technologies that are shaping the state of the mining sector. Seale had the opportunity to meet with clients and friends of the firm, as well as connect with industry leaders and new market entrants.


Mexico has one of the most vibrant mining environments in the world. It is the largest silver producer in the world and is abundant in gold, copper, zinc, amongst other minerals. According to the Mexico Mining Chamber, Mexico was the 9th largest producer of gold and 7th largest producer of copper in the world in 2018. There is an untapped potential that has prompted a myriad of multinationals to establish significant operations in the country, bringing along other large Tier 2 companies, as well as hundreds of SMEs that supply the mining ecosystem in Mexico.


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“We are bullish on the Mexican mining sector for 2020 and in the years ahead. Despite the social and political challenges that the country faces, large mining companies continue to analyze potential new mining sites, as well as Tier 2 mining businesses continue to establish operations in Mexico to attend the market. There is a lot of potential and we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg. We are proud of being at the forefront of the M&A market in the Mexican mining sector” – said Adan Sierra, Managing Director at Seale & Associates.


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