The education industry is composed of establishments that provide instruction and training on a wide variety of subjects. Education industry is widely consdiered a counter-cyclical industry. That is to say, typically, when the economy is doing poorly and unemployment is rising, more working adults decide to upgrade their education leading to higher enrollment and increased profit at the schools.


▪ The Mexican educational system is the set of norms, institutions, resources and technologies destined to offer educational services to the Mexican population, these are concentrated in the National Educational System (SEN by its spanish acronym)


▪ The SEN is composed of the following types: (1) Basic, corresponding to preschool, primary and middle school, (2) the middle-higher education, comprising high school and its equivalents, and (3) the higher education,consisting of undergraduateand graduate studies


▪ Compulsory education comprises 15 school grades: pre-school, middle school and middle-higher education,with three grades each, and six more in primaryeducation


▪ The SEN also includes early childhood education, special education, adult education, and job training and education


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